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9 Amazing and Affordable Ideas on Landscape Edging

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There are many things that determine the entire look of a home garden. Our team of landscaping contractors Sydney suggest that while plants contribute most to the overall appeal of a garden, there is more you can do than relying on plants alone to enhance the overall look of the landscape.

For instance, garden edging is something that can be very helpful to any garden. It can actually serve multiple purposes, making it a great gardening maintenance idea. With this design idea, you will not spend too much effort and money to get it done.

modern garden edging ideas

In fact, there are many landscape edging design ideas that give a beautiful look while still being affordable. Here are the top 9 garden edging tips and ideas you can try.


  1. Using Planks to Edge Your Landscape

One of the edging ideas you can try, and the most affordable one, is using planks. Take some planks and then stick them firmly into the soil to surround something you desire to enclose in the garden. This idea is extremely simple, yet it looks wonderful despite being extremely cheap.

You can enhance the overall effect by using different sizes of plants when edging. You will simply cut the planks to different sizes before edging.

Alternating the size of the planks will give your garden a very unique and impressive look. This kind of edging looks more of a small fence in your garden, and this is even more interesting.

Additionally, you can place some gravel on one side and some mulch of your favorite material on the remaining side of the edge. Such an addition will offer an attractive contrast and make the entire design stand out.

landscape edging with lumber planks



  1. Terracotta Edging

If you are looking for an edging idea that can add neatness on your landscape, then you can try terracotta garden edging. If you have terracotta around your home and you are not using it for anything, then you can utilize it with this idea.

In case you don’t have terracotta in your garden, then you can buy cheap ones from local stores. Whichever way, this idea will not cost you a lot.

Terracotta pieces take little time and effort to install. This means that you will spend little time to create an attractive and cool garden edging.

terracotta lawn edging


For instance, you can use terracotta to separate flower beds from the lawn. This is just one among the many ways you can use terracotta for edging. Thus, utilize your creativity to try out your own terracotta edging ideas.

Terracotta also appears perfect to make a transition between multicolored flowers and a well-trimmed lawn. Terracotta has a muted color, thus it won’t prevent the flowers from shining.


  1. Landscape Edging with Curved Steel

Homeowners who are looking for a garden edging idea that can easily complement a raised garden bed should consider this idea. A raised garden bed works wonders in enhancing the overall look of any garden.

This is the key reason why you can go ahead and add a unique and creative edging. You can simply use some rusted steel for surrounding your garden bed.

Although you can place straight steel panels on your garden bed to give it a traditional look, this wouldn’t be quite attractive like when using curved steel.

curved metal landsacpe edging ideas


A wavy and irregular landscape edging would definitely become a great focal point in the garden. Since the edging will be done using rusted steel, the end result is a unique way of edging garden beds.

In case you don’t like working with rust steel, you can instead buy some panels made of stainless steel or clean older ones that you may have before placing them on your garden beds.


  1. Landscape Edging with Logs

If you love a landscape with rustic looking items, and you love the way forests look natural, then you will definitely love this edging idea.

It is a very cheap edging idea and very easy to install. You will only require getting some logs. You can buy some or get them for free if you are lucky enough.

Arranging logs is very easy. Use your creativity and imagination to make different arrangements. Laying the logs horizontally and creating larger and longer edgings is one simple way you can arrange the logs.

landscape edging with logs


Another option you can try is cutting the logs shorter and placing them vertically. Doing so will give you an attractive design just like it looks while using planks, only that it will have a more rounded shape and look thicker.

You can even get a more natural look by using the logs without resizing or reshaping them. However, you can still polish them or paint them to get the decorative look you desire.


  1. Landscape Edging with Bricks

Using bricks to edge your landscape is relatively similar to using terracotta to edge borders. Using bricks is perfect for homeowners who want a natural looking and unpolished edging idea.

Maybe you already know that you can get bricks in many different shades such as intense, orangey and muted shades. For instance, placing beige bricks between red flowers and patches of grass would look very impressive

landscape edging with bricks


You can do the edging with bricks that have almost similar shading like surrounding flowers with the same color of pebbles. This idea creates a harmonious appearance.

The design is accentuated further when sunlight shines on the brick edging. If you want something that can give your garden an appealing glow, then this is a landscaping idea that you should try.



  1. Landscape edging using Tiny Shells

In case you are searching for a garden edging idea that will only consume little space, then you can use some tiny shells in this idea.

If you reside close to an ocean or you have plans to visit an ocean soon, take that opportunity to collect some shells to make a lovely edging.

Collecting shells is a very relaxing and fun experience. The shells do not have to look similar. It will even be better if you can find diverse shells.

landscape edging with sea shells


In this idea, all you will do is sticking the shells you collected into the ground carefully. Ensure you don’t crush or break the shells while pushing them into the ground.

This idea is ideal for gardens with smaller flowers. Nevertheless, you may use this idea wherever you want. Any edging idea will still look attractive without being too visible. If you like playing with colors, you may paint some shells and use different intensity of shades.


  1. Garden Edging with Metal Wheels

This idea is unique and great for car enthusiasts. If there some old metallic wheels lying around your home or you have been looking for ways to repurpose such wheels, then you have a good chance with this idea.

Just like in some other edging ideas, you will simply stick the wheels into the soil to surround the specific area you wish to separate.

You can use this landscaping idea to get a futuristic direction. The material of these wheels, their color and shape will determine the end result.

landscape edging with old metal wheels


The easiest way you can get a shiny edging with metal wheels and complementing it with the rest of your landscape is placing the wheels in such a way that lots of greenery surround them.

You can even plant some colorful flowers to surround the wheels. If you’re not a car enthusiast, there are other interesting ideas you can think of and incorporate them into your landscape.


  1. Making a Border Using Faux Cobblestone

Another simple edging idea is using faux cobblestone to make a border. The material is easy to find from local gardening supplies stores and it is easy and quick to install.

It will actually fix your landscape very quickly without struggling. It also looks great in any front yard. Rather than using a plastic border, faux cobblestone will look better.

landscape edging with faux cobblestone


Faux cobblestone looks just like natural stone and pops more than how simple borders look like. If you want to give your landscape a quick and easy fix, then consider this edging idea.


  1. Timber Edging

There are many ideas for edging any landscape and using timber is a great idea. It works just like using the logs mentioned earlier. Such edging will help your garden to pop more and make your garden feel more complete.

timber edging landscape ideas


For instance, you can use timber to separate grass from your garden, like what most garden edging designs do. If you use large pieces of timber in this design, they will pop much better than using smaller pieces.


In Summary

With these 9 landscape edging tips and ideas in mind, you have surely seen that you do not necessarily have to spend lots of cash or too much effort to give your garden a very cool edging.

All you will need is lots of creativity when trying out these ideas and being passionate about making your landscape stand out.

There is always an edging idea that every homeowner can like. Hence, no matter what you like, be it using bricks, wood, logs or steel to edge your garden, you will surely find an edging design that will suit all your preferences.

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