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Why Shouldn’t You Have Too Much Dirt In Your Landscape?

By July 21, 2017February 9th, 2021No Comments

It is a known fact that we all strive to be flexible in our lives by working towards improving the survival skills. It may come in form of eating the right foods, getting in some exercises or learning new skills to be employable.

But have you ever wondered that if humans want to survive, plants also do? Still, your plants suffer from too many dry spells?


dirt in a Sydney garden


Basic logic says that if a plant grows in place A, it should be able to grow in place A all the time. It should also survive and flourish if you water the plant on a regular basis.

But it’s not always the case. Plants often dry up despite regular watering. So what’s responsible for that? It’s soil. The soil is the other half of your plant’s environment.

Let’s take an example: Assume that you ate a lot of junk food and had loads of coffee on one day. On the next day, you will feel extra thirsty and need to hydrate to clean out your system.

In contrast, if you eat only fresh fruits and vegetables, you won’t need to hydrate more as you will get all necessary nutrients and hydration through digestion.

As plants don’t have digestive tracts in their anatomy, they depend on soil to act as their digestive system as it is where all the vital nutrients and water reside. They also get processed so that a plant can use those resources to grow and stay strong during the challenging times.

In cases where the soil is dry, junky, devoid of the critters that do the digesting, buried in mulch or full of chemicals, it won’t be able to support healthy growth or resilience during times of stress. If the soil is not right, it’s just dirt that’s no good for any plant.


gardener digging up dirt in backyard


So, for better plant health, you must ensure that the soil is built in the right manner.


Consult with Sydney Landscaping Experts

Consult NBG Landscapes for landscape design services in Sydney if you need to but don’t expect dirt to help the plant grow appropriately.

If you have too much dirt rather than soil in your landscape, the expert might need to work on the task for some time so you should be patient during this period and never expect any kind of miracles if you want the health of your plants to be good for a long period of time.