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5 Ways to Maximize ROI on a Commercial Landscape Project

By July 17, 2017February 24th, 2021No Comments

Several of the property owners and managers find it difficult to explain why they are spending so much money on Sydney city landscapes and why aren’t they sticking to just the basics.

If you are also of the same opinion that landscaping should be done minimally to get a nice enough appearance or to meet regulations then you should know that landscaping is not just about the basic décor.

It gives you an opportunity to add value to your business, boost the goodwill among customers and even add income to your bottom line.


commercial landscaping in Pyrmont, Sydney


To reap these benefits, you should learn about 5 ways to maximize ROI on a commercial landscape project. Following these tips would also lead to the creation of an attractive and vibrant property that will make prospects or customers feel good.


  1. Add more colors

The first thing that will benefit you is to add more color to the landscape. It should never be just green because it may look boring.

You should add loads of lively and vibrant colors to it because it will catch the eye and create a feel good vibe about the property that will encourage more prospects to visit it while also ensuring that customers linger for a long time.


  1. Use landscaping as a marketing method

If you want, you can use landscaping as a marketing method. Just ensure that the message you deliver is positive and consistent. For that, you should ensure that the landscape mirrors the experience offered by your business. For instance, if you want to project that your business is exciting, the landscape should also be exciting.

To ensure that, you can use dramatic shapes, textures and sizes along with using bold colors. Similarly, if you own a relaxing spa or therapy business, you should ensure that the landscape is soothing to soothe the minds of your clients.


design ideas for commercial landscape


  1. Opt for environment-friendly materials

You should also demonstrate some sustainability consciousness by designing a landscape in such a manner that it has high impact with low inputs. For that, you should limit the lawn areas and choose selections that have low mowing, water and fertilizer requirements.

It’s also a good idea to stick to planting choices that are native to Australia so that they need low input and care. You should also go for hardscape choices that infiltrate water and still be functional spaces for walking and gathering.


  1. Reduce your impact to increase your value

You should also realize that a commercial landscape has the power to support the environment by greening up a lot of space. There is also loads of brand clout in that effort.

If you have added parking spaces and walking spaces to the landscape, you should consider balancing the hardscape elements with a lot of green space. You can choose to break the cycle of lawn as a reactive reaction to unpaved space.

You can think about resilient plantings that will offer color, greenery, and maybe even serve as a habitat for pollinators.


commercial building landscape and irrigation services in Sydney


  1. Choose long-term solutions

You should also know that most of the commercial landscapes are recycled after every few years as shrubs and flowers die, grassy areas get worn out and mulch washes, decays or blows away.

So, you should design a commercial landscape that is more sustainable, durable and long lasting as it will help in saving the time, energy and money needed to recycle the landscape after every few years. You should also know that all long-term expenses usually lead to higher profits. Our friends over at Troy’s Glass, who are replacement windows experts, mention that they only work with commercial contractors who use sustainable materials.


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These five ways are all awesome choices if you wish to improve the image and value of your business by creating goodwill as well as an attractive focal point in the community. You should realize that bottom-line-oriented owners or managers often find it hard to translate these soft benefits into numbers. So, you should not be among them.


Another add-on benefit of having an attractive landscape is the increased productivity of the employees. When your employees see beauty outside the windows while looking out, they will feel better about not only themselves but your company as well. Their attitude will improve which will boost their productivity and enhance their performance.