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Landscaping Ideas DIY | Landscaping Ideas Desert

If you are looking to improve the overall look of your home, do-it-yourself landscaping is a fairly inexpensive and effective means of doing this. The trouble is, a lot of people do not really understand the work involved or how best to complete this task.

Below you will find some of the best tips we’ve compiled to make this easier for you and to leave you with landscape features that you can really be proud to show off.

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There is a big misconception about buying flowers for landscaping. This is that all flowers are going to complement one another when they are growing. While there is certainly nothing wrong with having flowers throughout your landscape features, choosing the colors of these flowers carefully can make a big difference in how the entire area ends up looking once it grows in. If you need help in choosing complementing flower types and colors, consult a local garden center to speak with a professional.


Bushes are also commonplace in the landscaping world, but these only look good if you have maintained them. For starters, you don’t want these unruly bushes to obstruct your own view of your landscape. Secondly, unkept bushes become an eyesore and can make the entire area appear disheveled.


Borders in the bushes should be visible. This again plays into the need to keep these bushes trimmed up throughout the year. This is going to improve the look and fluid nature of your entire landscape design, allowing you (and everyone else) to appreciate it to the fullest.



The final quick tip that I can provide you to help you really get the most out of your project is this: purchase mature plants over young plants. It might be tempting to choose a fledgling plant (which can sometimes cost less), but these younger plants also have a higher likelihood of dying and needing replaced. Instead, opt for a mature plant that has a stronger chance of survival through the replanting process.


You don’t always have to use a service to do all of the little changes or additions that you want to make. The more you familiarize yourself with what you need and how to do it, the less that you will need a service to come and do it for you. Save yourself the money and educate yourself.


You might not know where to begin when it comes to adding new features, but here are some things you might consider to get you started:


  • Do you have a want for a water feature? (Pond, fountain, etc.)
  • Do you have the space/want for a stoned patio or pathway?
  • How would statues look? Ornamental flower pots?
  • What areas get the most sun (and the least) in your yard?
  • Do you have an interest in generating (or conserving) energy?
  • What amount of your yard should be grass? Flowers? Vegetables?
  • Do you want an automatic sprinkler system?
  • Would structures look nice in your yard? (Shed, gazebo, greenhouse, etc.)
  • Would you like to utilize wind to power things?
  • Do you need fences or walls?
  • Do you want to design a desert style landscape?


As complicated as some of that stuff might sound, it is really quite easy (even for a novice). The internet can give you accurate step by step instructions for almost any landscape idea or project that you might care to undertake, and there are also countless books for DIY landscaping.

You can, and should, begin this process by looking at as many photographs of completed projects as you can to inspire yourself in your own backyard.