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Low Cost Landscape Maintenance Ideas

Landscapes require extensive maintenance from time to time to remain attractive. This requires a comprehensive plan to accomplish as well as the consideration of such factors as the sun, amount of shade, available time, financial resource endowment, and other factors that may influence the growth of plants in each location.


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Below are some of the low-cost maintenance ideas:


Lawn Mowing and Watering

The lawns have to be watered twice a day; very early in the morning and late in the evening.


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Any grass, flowers, lawns and other plants within a landscape require the removal of weeds on a regular basis. This may be accomplished manually or by use of weed killers and pesticides.


Painting and Periodic Maintenance

Wooden decks need to be painted regularly to keep them resistant to termites and other insects. To get around this issue, a ground-level patio area may instead be constructed using stone or slate which may be obtained freely from a quarry or a stream.

Such stone structures are expensive initially but are generally cheaper to maintain in the long run as they do not require regular painting (they only need to be hosed off occasionally to keep them attractive and clean).


Planting Hedges

Considering the fact that fences are generally expensive and lumber fences, in particular, require periodic staining or painting, hedges are instead preferable. They confer privacy, demarcate borders, and grow quickly to offer a dense wall of green and glossy leaves. Hedges require pruning though and need partial or complete sun and well-drained soils.

For springs, common lilac (Syringa vulgaris) that grows a little slower to 15 feet tall and produces lavender-colored blooms is a suitable example. It requires full sun and extremely well-drained soils.

Deciduous trees that shed their leaves in the fall ought to be shunned, as this requires plenty of maintenance work. Perennial plants should instead be preferred since they require less maintenance if mulched at the time of planting. In order to enhance the accent of the landscape, small shrubs like the Oregon boxwood or Maiden ornamental grass ought to be used as well.

On the whole, it is advisable to plant only native plants as they are well-suited for the local climatic conditions and are also resistant to the common insects and diseases as are the evergreen plants that do not shed their leaves in winter besides growing quickly and requiring less maintenance.



This is the practice of covering the top soils with straw, grass, leaves, sawdust, wood chips, barks, plastics, or other plant parts. It is done to reduce the loss of moisture through evaporation, slow down the pace of soil erosion, and enhance the fertility of the soils. Mulches are placed at the bases of plants and on flower beds. They also prevent the germination of several weeds.


Front Yard Landscaping

To make the home very appealing to visitors and outsiders from the roads, a front yard landscape that enhances the home’s exterior ought to be selected. It is necessary to tailor the landscaping needs to the unique circumstances of the home such as the size of the yard, items that are already in existence, the soil, and the drainage in order to guarantee optimal results.

Some jurisdictions may impose certain restrictions on the front yard landscaping solutions. It is, therefore, necessary to check and acquaint oneself with the respective homeowner’s association rules before embarking on the task.

Some of the common front yard landscaping ideas include brightly-colored doors to clearly identify the entrance; properly enhanced walkways which may be achieved by planting ground-hugging low-lying evergreens on either side of the path; small bedding annuals to boost the color of the exterior ambiance; large privacy fence; taller screen plants; and wooden panels that are individually placed in order to block the views from one direction or in a 90-degree angle for the sake of added privacy.

As part of the landscaping, a small grassy area in the front yard should be set aside for children and pets. Grass should, however, be completely avoided but instead, low ground cover like Japanese pachysandra (Pachysandra terminalis) should be opted for. In the case of space is not an issue, a traditional fence or privacy hedge may do.



Landscaping can be very tedious and time-consuming. It is, therefore, best delegated to a reputable landscaping firm that has the wherewithal to carry it out successfully.