A Guide on Low Voltage Lighting For Your Landscape

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Landscape lighting is beneficial in that it gives your home a luxurious look while still making it safer especially at night. Adding lighting to your landscape should start with choosing the ideal type of lighting. There are many different types of lighting fixtures to select from. For instance, spotlights are ideal for highlighting specific features [...]

Xeriscaping – What It Means, Plant Options and Designs

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Xeriscaping is a term that refers to any gardening technique that aims at conserving water through creative landscaping. This term is a Greek word derived from the term xeros, meaning dry. The term scape refers to a scene or a view. But what’s the main purpose of xeriscaping? This technique focuses on landscaping by planting [...]

10 Ideas for Landscaping With Gravel

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Gravel is one of the best landscaping materials to use on the yard. Many homeowners use gravel for its soft appeal in the outdoor space. Its organic feel is even more appealing than that of pavers or bricks. Moreover, gravel is durable. It suits terraces, paths, and driveways. However, most people do not have [...]

Unique Tips & Design Ideas on How to Landscape With Pavers

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Pavers are great for landscaping especially when you want a practical idea that looks great for the backyard. Pavers also allow you to use your imagination and creativity to make attractive designs. Here are some unique tricks and tips on how you can decorate your backyard using pavers.   Image Source   [...]

17 Great DIY Landscaping Ideas on a Tight Budget

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Every homeowner desires to have the best design and décor for their landscape, but it is often quite expensive. Luckily, there are many ideas and tips for affordable DIY landscaping. Here are some of these tips and how you can adapt them in your garden.   Landscaping With Painted Stones In case your backyard has [...]

15 Creative Ideas on How to Landscape With Bricks

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Almost all gardens have bricks. They are an extremely reliable element in landscaping. You might assume that bricks are boring and obsolete. However, you can use some creativity and transform your landscape into an attractive place using bricks. Here are some creative ideas and tips on how you can landscape using bricks. Go for [...]

A Guide for Designing a Friendly Backyard for Your Dog

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If you have pets in your home, then you should design your backyard or garden with them in mind. A space which is friendly for your dog will keep it happy, healthy, and safe. Dogs make great friends, and they are like family members for they protect the entire household. However, they may cause [...]

What Are Hardscapes? Know The Basics of Hardscape Landscaping

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While researching your landscaping project, you might have come across a term hardscaping. Didn’t understand it exactly and moved on, have you? It is a relatively new form of terminology for an old thing. In reality, all landscapes have an assortment of plants and hardscaping of some type. Didn’t get it yet? Well, hardscaping includes [...]

How to Personalize a Garden Walkway

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A garden walkway is a vital part of any garden because it enhances the aesthetic value and makes enjoying the view much easier. It also lets you and your visitors meander past lush green trees, bright flowers, thick grass and water elements. When selecting a garden walkway, you need to pay special attention to [...]